Season 3 Episode 04 April 27

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  1. Retail
    • Does the Lenders’ Lien Attach When a Shipper Disregards a Demand to Stop Delivery?
    • Profit-Sharing Clause Unenforceable in a Bankruptcy Lease Auction
    • Arbitration Agreements Held Unenforceable in WARN Act Litigation
    • Gift Cards Denied Priority Status in Delaware, Contravening Prior Delaware Decision


  1. Energy
    • Courts Divided on Electric Service as ‘Goods’ Under Section 503(b)(9)
    • Oil & Gas Gathering Agreements Can Be Rejected as Executory Contracts
    • Skeptical Delaware Judge Refuses to Confirm Georg Plan
    • District Court Drubs Mine Workers by Allowing Sale of Coal Assets


  1. Health Care
    • Cutting Off Medicare Funding Is Exempt from the Automatic Stay, First Circuit Says
    • Circuits Now Split on Bankruptcy Jurisdiction over Medicare Disputes